Thursday, January 20, 2011

The End Is Near

Seriously?  I had no idea that moving, after being in one space almost twenty years, was sooooo time consuming.  WoW!!  Open and honest here; it's a pain.  Decluttering is one thing, and yes, it feels so good, but actually getting all the clutter into a container or container "s", and then hauling to Savers, or having someone come and take an article or two...that's a whole different, time consuming process.  I am happy that I quit my job before I started this! 

Now, with almost 6 or 7 inches of snow out there and the wind chill some ungodly number, I'm over half way finished.  Doesn't it look neat, orgainzed and actually good?  Okay, here's another 'almost finished' picture. Ready?????
Yep, don't you feel for me?  This is a room that is still lacking the sweet touch of organization.  But, in my humble defense, our son's stuff is included.  After packing up and moving to L.A. last year he asked if he could 'store' his belongings with us and then, "Can we move them to our new home for him since he lives in a tiny apartment in Hollywood?"  Of course we can!  What we don't do for love, right?

Anyway, the garage scene wouldn't be so overwhelming if it weren't for this scene:

It's about 11 degrees outside and not much warmer in our garage.  I'm not sure when it will be warmer, but it is January, and I am in the midwest.  (sigh) 

 Below, our living room just a few weeks ago....

Usually, when my husband goes out of town, I kick back, enjoy my 'alone' moments, have a glass of wine, and in the winter, light a fire.  I am definately a homebody who likes her sweet space.  However, the below picture shows why I don't feel so warm or sweet anymore.  See for yourself the difference: 

The above living room isn't tooooooo bad, but check out the rest of the house.

And now my friends, the dining room, before the beginning of the end.............

And now:

I'll share a few more visions of moving.  (Trust me, if you don't really, really want to move, don't!)

Need I go on??? Probably not.  So, you see, my whole life lately is dedicated to the moving process, knowing that there is light (literally) at the end of this journey.  So, other than obsessing with tape, bubble wrap, cardboard, and boxing up huge mirrors, I try to slip in a few hours a week at the gym.  Notice I said "try"? Maybe a great excuse, but I do feel so much better after sweating.)

I'm hoping that this will be gone before the moving truck makes it's way down our street and stops at our ex-home. 

Soooooooooooooo, I am excited and happy to say that the view from our new front door will be this gorgeous park:

AND the view from our street, looking up to our new home.  (If all goes according to plan....)

Thant's it for now......I'll make sure I keep you posted and maybe even give you a few tips about how to make the best of moving....

Take care.....


  1. I love the picture of your living room(the one with bottle of wine on the table), the angle is fantastic. Very magazine-y looking!

  2. Oh, this makes me sad. I should be there helping you and saying goodbye to our house. You made that one beautiful and I know the next one will be even better. We are counting the days till you are here!

  3. wonder you are dreaming about rivers....movement and currents. Packing and moving is such an energetic clearing...will be there soon to help! xxoo

  4. Awww Shauna, as usual, you are my joy!!!!!! @Sherry, my dearest sister....I am so happy you're coming one more time.

  5. Wonderful blog Peggy!!! Your new home is really great..Thanks for sharing...Love the photowith the bottle of wine too...and the fire in the chinmney :) - Danielle

  6. Danielle, you are too kind. I hope someday you can find a way from wonderful France to come visit...Seriously, I would treat you like a queen and you'd have your own little guest house. Whatcha say????