Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knowing Your Style, Knowing Your Love

It's been so long since I've blogged here.  I've spent my time on "Thoughts and Words From the Heart", my other blog.  However, I'm always into spaces and this last weekend I went to my sweet niece's wedding where my other sweet niece is.  I saw her home and was inspired.  The youth and the color was something I took note of since my forte' is neutrals and black. 

However, my sweet Ashel turned me on to what was originally in my heart years ago when I was a hippy and frequented antique shops and flea markets when everyone else was trying to match all they had with new furniture and matching elements to prove weatlth.  My sweet Ashel had the '50's colors and retro pieces that weren't retro when I was growing up.  I actually loved it.

She had plates flying on her wall as art and it looked like wings of art.

I was inspired to be sure. I getting old and set in my ways?  I got home and tried to think of my space with color, and vintage pieces .(Which I DO have, but only in monotones.)  I did put my black and white polka dot plate on my faux mantel and it looked fun and young.  And I did add a red  geometric patterend Ikea pillow to my brown leather couch.  Yet I admit...I love my browns, blacks, ivorys and butters.  I really do.  There is something calming and peaceful about that.  I think that's why I love the desert. 

There is something wild, yet peaceful about this whole picture.  My carpet is taupe, my furniture is brown leather, and I have a touch of red and lime green.  I love that.  So be it. 

Ashel, I LOVE your style...keep up the good work.  Maybe I'm old and set in my ways..but the desert is classic and has been around for centuries so I'm on the right track.  It takes all kinds, right? I love this life.