Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Funky, The Fun, The Young...and YOU

Industrial vintage, that really means exactly what it says...the year is the time the industiral revolution happned.  Now of course, we're in the technical revolution.  Back then it was a hugely new idea of sleekness, promise, ease, comfort and simplicity.  Oh, and did I mention shine?  I'm loving the young feeling it brings me.  You know when room is stagnant and stuffy when it's there just to be there, like an afterthought.  Uusally a space speaks volumes about a person's personality, likes, dislikes and even attitude.  It's sort of like a second language. 

Anyway, back to the sleek look which I've been obsessing over lately.  In vintage idustrial, there are always pieces that reflects industry and the design that helped make things simple, easy, and closer to the space-age. The great thing about people who are drawn to this is that they always mix their great finds with other textural, older, and sometimes even colorful pieces.  Example:

Los Angeles Central Library....1926

Notice that the building looks sleek and clean but has the beautiful intrinsic rooftop.

Vintage Rolling Display Cart Model 1
I love this shelving unit...vintage industrial?  Seems to fit.
1 Pair of GC O.C. White Lamps/Lights

Pair of Industrial Side/End TablesEnd tables...(above)  Favorites of mine.

Vintage Two Door Metal Coat Closet

This is sooo cool..and it's not wood, it's metal.

Vintage Rubber Glove Mold Hand Cage Light

This is a 'rubber glove mold' a whimisical, funky accessory that really makes interesting art.

How cool is the below pic...I'd love seeing that framed on the wall.Vintage "Paul Furtscheller Zoological Wall-Plates"
Vintage Bent Plywood Toledo Chair
Okay, wanna hear something really, really sad?  I had a chair just like this and sold it.........yeah! 'nuff said!!!

The table below would make an amazing dining table wouldn't it????? 

Vintage Industrial Free Form Wooden - English Elm Adjustable Tab

See what I'm saying...??? Industrial vintage..it has a soft look as well as sturdy, stable and like it's always belonged.

I am sooo ready to get to my new home because I have no idea how to put all my great stuff together to make one, funky, young, HAPPY statement. 

I am not supposed to be buying things....but I found some amazingly great stuff online...ebay to be exact. The buyer who owns these things have collected these over the years and is now selling...the sellers name 'skullswe3    (Don't you just love that name?  I'm already thinking of a jingle that goes with it.  Definately look her up if you want a great deal...pluss she's great at communication!)  Here are a few of her (and my) favorite things...and yes, they're for sale.

Item imageAWESOME vintage paper weight. (and the bid is ONLY up to $7.95....I told you.)

Item image

Seriously cool metal basket...seriously great price....right now, it's only $6.50  O. M. G. 

Item image

I want this....it's a mid-century locker basket.  Can't you just see this on top of a fridge or on top of a primitive china cabinet (like MINE)  This amazing container/vintage industrial accessory is starting at $14.50.

Item image

I tried to enlarge this, but it's a 7 foot  metal ladder with a green faded paint...Okay, think bathroom...haning towels from this.  Guess what the starting bid is ????? .99 cents.  mmmm hhhmm

Item image

Old milk bottle with green, painted name and pics...Love this and it would look great with daisies, or any sort of live flower...Again, 99 cents starting bid....geeeeeeeeeeez louise!  Adorable and young.

Item image

Another fave of mine from skullswe3 on ebay...It's a funky, wicker ball hanging light fixture.  Starting price, 16.50.

Item image

Okay, fave, fave, fave!!!!!!!!!!  These are the real deals...and you can buy all of them for a little over $40....

Item image

Okay,  have you been convinced to check these items out if you're a fan of industrial vintage to add a couple of these things for your funky, fun, young side to show up in your space...

I'll show you how I'm going to incoporate some great things I bought when I finally move in to our new space out west...Until next time all you wonderful people....have a great one and don't forget to be fun.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What makes YOU come alive???

Style is important to me...but even more important is looking at my space and seeing the things I love.  There are, however, styles to be reckoned with. Styles can mix together by cohesiveness.   In my opinion, when there is a cohesiveness, there is beauty. When I was young and my mother and grandmother and great grandmother decorated, there were rules that people followed.  You would never find something rustic mixed with something traditional.  Most of the time, you wouldn't even find anything rustic, except maybe on the lawn.  I don't think I ever saw something contemporary mixed with something victorian.  Now hey, I could be wrong, but I'm talking about in the 50's and before.  I think it was the radical, let's break all the rules 60's where all that changed.  Outside came in and inside went out.  I loved that...maybe because I'm a rebel at heart. 

Even though I'm not too fond of rules, there are some that sort of apply dontcha think?  I mean in decorating to be sure.  The rule of beauty is one I'm especially fond of; but then again that's really subjective.  I would love to hear some of your opinions.  What do you think could be a good rule or rules of thumb in decor?  In the meantime, some more of my favorite things..............

Can you tell I LOVE white and neutrals?

When it comes to color, I like to add it with accessories. Here's a perfect example.
VTWonen Inspired
(above, from decorating with me and alice)

Pink, orange red and great big geometrics...that speaks YOUNG - FRESH......to me.
Homes & Gardens UK(decor8 blog)

And I'm always a sucker for all things Spanish...

I chose the pic below mainly because of the coffee table/trunk.

glass shelvingThis one is from a home improvement blog on how to give your home architectural detail.  (Something I'll have to do, for sure, in the new space.)

Today in church the pastor spoke about what makes you come alive.  Me?  I just thought of making things beautiful.  I thought of creating a beautiful space that just might give one a hint of heaven.....what do you think????? AND  what's YOUR style...

Take care and have a great rest of this Sunday.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bohemian Decor Rhapsody, or Getting Back to the Hippy In Me

Okay, so I'm a child of the 60's.  Although it seems like a world away to some, it's always close at hand in my mind.  As far as what I consider the beautiful things in life, it always points back to my hippy roots.  I love natural, organic and used.  Admittidly, I am not a hippy at heart when it comes to luxury....I'm really high maintanence.  Anyway, since I'm going to soon have  a clean slate to work with in my new space, I've been thinking that it's a perfect time for change.  Although I may fight it at times, I love change, it keeps things young, fresh and spirited. So, I feel as if I'm going out on a limb when I think of what I want to do with my new space.  French country, tuscan and other European country styles always give me a feeling of warmth and home.  But at the same time, I see the clean lines and uncluttered look of contemporary and I always envy the people who inhabit those rooms. 

What I have found on my search for what to incorporate into my new look, Bohemian keeps coming back.  As I see pictures of those rooms it's like coming home to the young girl in me who had hunger for adventure, life and truth.  From what I've learned, and correct me if I'm wrong, Bohemian style for interiors is always an ecclectic mix of color, texture, the old with the new, and something funky and unexpected.  Okay, so below is an example.

Notice the stove, an old gas stove I adore...The white kitchen cabinets with the silver handles...great stuff there!!!
(The above photos are all via "house beautiful")
I'm still not sure if the bohemian thing is what I'll be doing. Maybe to actually label what I want to do is confining.  Probably not making a committment and just going with what I truly love will be the key.  Maybe there isn't a label....But I'll keep you informed.  In the meantime..some more inspiration that keeps my heart beating with excitement and anticipation.

These gorgeous items are all from Bohemian Vintage, a shop on Etsy worth your time.

Above is a piece I'm thinking about buying .......  I've always loved stuff like this.  Can you tell what it says? It's great and it speaks to me...

Another great pic from Bohemian Vintage

(from 'restyled home')

above two photos from young house love blog

Basically there's this wild hippy-ness in me and another part is romantic european.....oh the choices....don'tcha love it?  Have a good one.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Dream Believer

Sitting in my almost empy house, I'm dreaming of about a month from now when I can get started on decorating a new canvass (home) and make it my own.  There are few things that bring me more joy than figuring out how to bring beauty, whimsy, personality and joy to a space, and doing it on a budget. 

Decluttering and downsizing has it's challenges.  I have watched 'Hoarders" and thought that I couldn't understand why people clung so tightly to their material possessions.  Now I know.  Because of a fierce winter storm, I've been alone, holed up in my almost empty space.  Thank God for computers is all I can say.  Okay, so, back to paring down.  I have decided to sell some pieces.  However, thinking about our future space and maybe going with a completely new look, I was surfing craigslist and ebay under the title of 'mid-century' and 'eames'.  O - M - G!!! There were prices out of this world...way high.  Then I realized I might have a few things that would go under that catagory.  Now here's the question...........do I really want to sell them?????????   Remember, we are moving 1200 miles away and we have to PAY to move. (I am proud to say that I'm doing all the packing...it's the lifting and the placing and the mileage we're paying for.)

So, I'm going to post a few pics of some of my favorite decors and how I think I'm leaning as far as my new space......

I love the letters on the wall and how the old is juxatposed to the new.  Texture!  Think texture!!!!

                                Thank you Alex Beaucamp of hygge house

I have always wanted a full length mirror like this....beautiful.  And need I mention the body form?? Simply FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (remember that word..."fab"....uh, maybe not.  It's from the 60's)

This is definately a room I could relax in and just read...calming.

Okay, so here comes the mid-century eames designs.  I love these chairs...the color, the sleek with the rustic...and of course the art...the simple black  cross under the floral...I'm in love with this room. Young and simple.

All of the above beautiful images are from sfgirlbybay blog.  She's amazing....

Below is a fave..from a blog 'bohemian vintage"
I think this bathroom is dreamy!..

Love it love it love it....especially the mirror...

from Coastal Living, photo by erica george and tria gloven

This ladder idea I found on theinspiredroom.net    I love it.   It's difficult to give or sell my wooden ladders now....just paint and vwalla.....you have extra shelving. And I 'm crazy about the color.

I've always been a sucker for this color of green. via inpsiredroom

I'm loving the numbers

Because I love all pottery white...this gives me an idea of paint colors...and what to put on the wall after the color.

If you're like me, lots of time on your hands...(is there anyone out there like that????)  anyway, go on over to inspiredroom.net..it's worth the view.

So far I havent' shown you a lot of  mid century 'stuff'...Maybe I'm not that crazy about it...but I think I am....examples:

from desire to inspire blog.

Below, a total fave of mine....LOVEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooooooooo....my inspiration comes from a lot of neautrals and black and white.  Interesting, but I knew that.  A splash of color here and there, but always character and whimsy!!!What do you think??????  I always enjoy your comments...have a great day!!!