Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chevron Rugs, Suzanis and The Hippy In Me

I have been thinking about  chevron rugs lately; wondering if it's right for my little space. Chevrons are  bold, young and bright, a change from my chunky sisal rug with a cowhide over it and a very earthy feel.

The next two pictures below are not of my home, but I wanted to post them just because they are so great and will give you an idea of why I love what I do.


I feel it makes the space looks brighter and younger.


 One thing I believe I would do over again though, I would make sure it's natrual fiber as in cotton, wool or silk. Not realizing it when I bought it, it's a synthetic material.  But I do like the way it gives my space a whole different vibe, a whole different feel.  Years ago I read in a interior decorating magazine that one thing you DON'T want for your area and that is for it to be boring.  Let them hate it for being out there, let them love it for it's uniqueness, but NEVER have anyone go away from your home thinking it was boring.

So, here's the Chevron rug I bought. I actually like it!

I've also been totally inspired by suzanis.  I have no idea why my youthful days are popping up again, but my taste these days screams hippy.I love anything hand done, bright and bold.  Suzanis! I'm having a love affair with these textile works of art!!!

Below is a pic of the suzani pillow that I made.  I bought the suzani on ebay and made a couple of them. How do you like them?

So, chalk paint, suzanis and chevron rugs, this is what's living our space lately.  I still am wondering if I'll change soon.  If I do, you'll be the first to know.

Take care and look at the bright side!