Saturday, December 3, 2011

Steps and Thanksgiving Al Fresco

I finally have a camera.  My husband found one for me, relatively cheap and a better one than before.  How happy is that?!  Anyway, it's been a long time since I posted, especially since I've moved.  I've done a lot to the new house.  (Not enough though, to make it mine completely.)  We are definately on a budget so new carpeting on the steps was not even a possibility.  I HATED the carpeting on the steps.  As a matter of fact, generally I truly dislike carpet anywhere, but especially on steps. 

So, knowing that anything would be better, I decided to take a peek under the carpeting.  I found rough pine treads with even rougher pine risers.  The wood was obviously not intended to be seen, or used for anything but being carpeted over.  But hey, it was wood, real wood, thick wood and I love that.  I thought of Israel where getting wood anything is pretty expensive.  I was going to use that wood and make it look beautiful.  I started pulling, and pulling and pulling. When my husband came out of his office he totally freaked. He used words like "ghetto", "ruined", and some descriptive, choice phrases, all said with a panic stricken, almost angry look on his face.  I explained to him what my vision was and how great it would look and how easy it would be.  That didn't help!  So, I just kept on pulling until it was all gone.  My work began.  Fortunately I have a son-in-law who believes in and trusts my talent and vision for beauty.  He told his father-in-law to trust me. 

I love my new steps.  Was it worth it?  I think so.

I think I'm going to add stenciled numbers on the risers, but still haven't decided.  The treads stained a dark, mission oak, shiney brown.  I do love them.  The interesting thing is that they're much quieter than the ones we had in our home in Kansas City.  My husband said that was because the pine on these steps is much thicker than the oak on the others.  And yes, my husband loves the look.  And yes, he has apologized to me for not trusting me.

Thanksgiving was great this year.  My wonderful brother and his lovely wife came to visit and also my sister, her husband and her two grown children came.  It was the first time we have eaten Thanksgiving Dinner outside.  I wanted it to have a sort of Tuscany feeling.  I used my grandmother's linens, lace and wine glasses, and I think it was beautiful....

That's me with my big brother.  It was great being with him. 

After a wonderful meal of Turkey on the Weber, salmon on the Weber, fresh veggies, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and of course some perfect red wine, we finished off later on at my daughter's house with apple, pumpkin and pecan pie.  Everything in moderation, right????

A fun game of charades the following night made the whole holiday so much fun. My son was a pro at this game.

So, there ya have it.  My Thanksgiving al fresco.  I hope yours was all you wanted it to be.  I'm now decorating for Christmas, so I'll see you soon .  Take care.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life Is Not What We Thought It Would Be

Not long ago, I spoke with my sister.  I always love speaking with her...she's part of my heart and her input is always effective.

 She said something to the effect that  maybe a lot of people think that "life isn't what we thought it would be." 

I agree with her at least in my view. And according to most people I've spoken with this is their opinion as well.

 After watching, for the umpteenth time, a video from 1989 at Christmas with my family, I realize how I've changed my outlook on life. Life really isn't what I thought it would be.  Back then, in our 30's we believed we "knew" how life worked and what to do to make it work.  Whether it be religion or relationship or whatever, we "knew'.  Now, in our..well.....a lot more years later, we realize we don't really know anything except that life is imperfect and we don't have all the answers. God knows I wish I did.

We think there's love without end in a realtionship, and true as that may be, it's not the way we interpret "love without end".  It's does not end, nor does it have a beginning..but that's a whole 'nother subject.  I'm talking about the imperfections and wildness of this life. We think there are ways to protect us from mishaps; finacial planning, good relationship counselling, invetro, and the list goes on.  But God is wild to say the least..but guess what???God IS good.  I KNOW that, and probably only that.

I love music and it brings me comfort when nothing else can.  When my father died, even music didn't bring me comfort, but that's neither here nor there.  I think my point is that we live in such an imperfect world where we know, according to C.S. Lewis,"we were make for better than this."  (Thus my love affair with Aslan.) Music sometimes sort of magnifies that idea and puts it into a genre that I can't totally expound on. 

Even though I live in an enviornment where the blue in the sky is about the most perfect blue anyone could imagine, there is still that something missing.  How I miss my counselor, Mary, who educated me in so many ways to accept that I live in an imperfect world.  If I had my way, heaven would be on earth NOW...the lamb would lay with the lion NOW...but hey, that's not the way it is.

Until then, my friend, adeue!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Totally Inspired By the Novogratz Family.

It has been so long since I've posted.  Reason is, my camera broke. It was actually pretty tragic for happened on Mother's Day.  Anyway, even though I haven't replaced it, and haven't been able to take pics of my new home, I wanted to share my new inspiration.  Three words, The Novogratz Family.

They are this perfect, or seemingly so, not so small family.  Robert and Cortney are the designers and they live in New York City with their seven children.  They are everything I wanted to be when it comes to the imagination and quirkiness of interior design.


Have you seen enough?  I just can't get enough of their designs.  They have a great book out called "Downtown Chic".  If you think you like their style, you certainly won't be disapointed in their book.

I have been so inspired by these designers that I can't wait to show you.  I'll try and post pics from my the meantime...I hope you enjoy these great pics.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Ramblings and Party Time

What can I say about the beauty of summer? The warmth on your skin and then a sudden splash into a refreshing pool, lemonade, sunscreen and well....relaxation. Whether you're off to a great vacation spot or your home is your place of rest and fun, we all relish the time under blue skies and warm sun. \

I love eating outside on my patio under our red umbrella.  There's something special when you have a group of people you love and you share a meal, a glass of wine, and that icey desert. After dinner, sitting around sipping on your favorite beverage and enjoying great conversation; doesn't get much better than that!

Below are some pictures of outdoor parties you can be inspired by.  Some of the ideas are so simple, yet elegant.
5 Tips for Outdoor Summer Parties

Okay, the tables below lit up are gorgeous and magical. I know I'll try this sometime soon.

Not so sure, but the pic below could well be my favorite.  I'm such a romantic!

This next one inspires me to make some beautiful concoctions to sip.

Every now and then I need to be inspired to sort of change up my space.  Since I just moved to my present abode not too long ago, I keep changing, trying new things...these pics below are some of my favorite inspirations. Enjoy and be inspired.

(from 'the lennoxx)

So, that's about it for now.  I do wish my camera didn't break, but soon I'll get a new one and post pics of what I've done to my place.  In the meantime..take care and love your space...let it love you.....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Decorating a Small Space

The other day I was watching my fave on HGTV which is "Dear Genevive".  I love her style because it is probably very close to my style.  Anyway, I've been frustrated lately; there are many ways to decorate a large space, maybe even a mid-size space, but a small space?  I've found decorating small spaces where they are heavy on the storage spaces and where to keep your "stuff".  It's okay, but honestly, not that great...nothing inspiring.  Then lo and behold, I see "Dear Genevive" and it's a small, small living room space.  She did her magic and I was totally inspired.  Although the picture below isn't the "Dear Genevieve" episode I loved, it's similar! 

I am now adjusting to a new life, in a new climate and in a new space.  Instead of sitting around thinking about the walls I want to knock out, the space I want to add, I am beginning to appreciate things just as they are.  It's so easy to get in a mindset when you have a decorating eye, of always changing.  When in reality, comfort and ease is when you make a space your own, a space that you love, a space that is your refuge, and a space where you can sit, look at the whole room and it's contents and be totally and completely happy and at ease; content. 

Well, that does it for now.  As soon as I get a new camera...(sad story of my broken camera..) I will post pics of my small space. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mountains and Chollas and Sun, Oh My!

It's been a while since last I've posted.  I've been busy 'moving', entertaining (or surviving) in laws (for 2 months) and blogging in my 'other' blog.  In any case, I'm due for updating my space blog.  Is it sweet?  Yes! Truly.  But I'm posting before and after pics just to fill you in.  The first pic is the kitchen before we 'refinished' the orange oak cabinets.  We bought a dark stain with a sealer built in and it totally changed the look.  We also got rid of the white micro wave (which is now in the casita.) and put a stainless micro instead.  It does wonders the little things.


The pic below is of our 'living room' before...obviously before. 

Below in this next pic is our dining room....before, obviously.

The pic below is of the 'casita' before any improvements.

Below, living and dining room, before.

Master bath below, before we stained the cabinets a dark cherry.

Master bedroom below.

Below in the next two pics is the casita walk in closet and the casita's main room.

Back yard below pic.

Kitchen cabinets in progress of staining dark cherry.

Below, dining room painted red.

My fave of all time...the pic that you can only read from a mirror.

Below is a pic of thte outside of our home taken on Easter.

Below is the 'after' pic of our living room.  I painted this wall earlier.  It was a light taupe.  It was way too dreary for me.  I tried to like it, really I did, but it was just to dark.  I decided to paint it this blue and I absolutely love it.  It's cheery and light.  A cool color in the desert.

Below, back yard pics.

Below kitchen cabinets finished and all together. I love the new look don't you?

Our front yard is a park with a small little lake and a fountain.  I LOVE this..this is the main reason we bought this house....We had an easter egg hunt in the park and even though I didn't buy the plastic eggs..(I used aluminum foil instead...I know..say no more.)the kids didn't care as long as there were treasures inside.

Being in the desert has so many plusses..not to mention I'm so much closer to my (our) son. 

There is still so much more I would love to do to make this my home.  So many ideas swirling through my's difficult to slow them down.  I'll keep you posted though...In the meantime...I'm not afraid of scorpians.