Sunday, May 29, 2011

Decorating a Small Space

The other day I was watching my fave on HGTV which is "Dear Genevive".  I love her style because it is probably very close to my style.  Anyway, I've been frustrated lately; there are many ways to decorate a large space, maybe even a mid-size space, but a small space?  I've found decorating small spaces where they are heavy on the storage spaces and where to keep your "stuff".  It's okay, but honestly, not that great...nothing inspiring.  Then lo and behold, I see "Dear Genevive" and it's a small, small living room space.  She did her magic and I was totally inspired.  Although the picture below isn't the "Dear Genevieve" episode I loved, it's similar! 

I am now adjusting to a new life, in a new climate and in a new space.  Instead of sitting around thinking about the walls I want to knock out, the space I want to add, I am beginning to appreciate things just as they are.  It's so easy to get in a mindset when you have a decorating eye, of always changing.  When in reality, comfort and ease is when you make a space your own, a space that you love, a space that is your refuge, and a space where you can sit, look at the whole room and it's contents and be totally and completely happy and at ease; content. 

Well, that does it for now.  As soon as I get a new camera...(sad story of my broken camera..) I will post pics of my small space. 

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  1. Is that a small living room? It looks so big in the picture! I believe anyone can stay there and be comfortable. I'm glad to know that you love exploring new ideas to improve your small space! =) Nice job!

    Blake Mitchell