Sunday, February 16, 2014

wooden beads, linen sofas and dreams

I am either greedy, competitive, insecure or I'm an artist who appreciates and wants each new vision of beauty I see.  I absolutely love my space; until I go somewhere and fall in love with a new look.  Thank you Heidi for your lovely home, but I covet your wood, beaded chandelier!

The above chandelier is not Heidi's, but it's close.  I walked into her home, and there, on her very high ceiling was this gorgeous chandelier that was a mix of iron and earthy wood beads.  The two together was a recipe for something delicate, yet earthy, luxurious, unique and absolutely stunning.

So of course I do a google image search on beaded wood chandeliers.

Pottery Barn seems to never disappoint me.  (sigh)  I saw this one in the shop and just languished over it with a dreamy "that's way too expensive" thought.

But last week I combed the internet daily; craigslist, ebay, anywhere, looking for an affordable, ivory flokati rug,
1500_gram_setting__92405_zoom.jpg (800×554)

and it had to be at least 5 x 8.  I was on a mission.  I certainly didn't need it, nor did I have a shortage of rugs to change up my look.  So, what's the deal with me?  I have everything I want, or do I? Okay, I won't get all philosophical and spiritual, I'll save that for the other blog. Back to my lusting after "stuff" for the house.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt that I will never, ever be able to have a beautiful, linen sofa
Linen Sofa Ideas

because I'm not, well, I'm not really careful, nor have I ever been, with my furniture.

I do love my home, however, I'm always sitting here looking at all of my beloved, carefully chosen objects, and wondering how I can change it out.  I don't understand why I'm restless.  I think I get why my father built his own home.  He wanted just what HE wanted and he knew what he wanted: teak wood floors in the dining room, Italian tile in the entrance way, crystal chandeliers, and the thickest carpet he could fine. 

So, getting back to the obsession with the wood bead chandelier.  Below is my "industrial, vintage" chandelier in my home.  I do like it, but the weird thing is the older I get, I am wondering if my taste is just dated, or even more so, does it even matter????

Photo  "

Which leads me to a more philosophical question:  do I decorate for me?  Or do I decorate to just "keep up with the Jones's"??? Hmmmm....seriously?  If I had all the money I would want,would I change things?  YES!! :-)  I'd get that linen couch (and hire someone to keep it clean) and YES, I'd get the wooden beaded chandelier, ...etc etc etc.

But I'd probably be bored.

I think I should just find someone who wants me to help them decorate their home. Until then, stay beautiful!