Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Dream Believer

Sitting in my almost empy house, I'm dreaming of about a month from now when I can get started on decorating a new canvass (home) and make it my own.  There are few things that bring me more joy than figuring out how to bring beauty, whimsy, personality and joy to a space, and doing it on a budget. 

Decluttering and downsizing has it's challenges.  I have watched 'Hoarders" and thought that I couldn't understand why people clung so tightly to their material possessions.  Now I know.  Because of a fierce winter storm, I've been alone, holed up in my almost empty space.  Thank God for computers is all I can say.  Okay, so, back to paring down.  I have decided to sell some pieces.  However, thinking about our future space and maybe going with a completely new look, I was surfing craigslist and ebay under the title of 'mid-century' and 'eames'.  O - M - G!!! There were prices out of this world...way high.  Then I realized I might have a few things that would go under that catagory.  Now here's the I really want to sell them?????????   Remember, we are moving 1200 miles away and we have to PAY to move. (I am proud to say that I'm doing all the's the lifting and the placing and the mileage we're paying for.)

So, I'm going to post a few pics of some of my favorite decors and how I think I'm leaning as far as my new space......

I love the letters on the wall and how the old is juxatposed to the new.  Texture!  Think texture!!!!

                                Thank you Alex Beaucamp of hygge house

I have always wanted a full length mirror like this....beautiful.  And need I mention the body form?? Simply FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (remember that word..."fab"....uh, maybe not.  It's from the 60's)

This is definately a room I could relax in and just read...calming.

Okay, so here comes the mid-century eames designs.  I love these chairs...the color, the sleek with the rustic...and of course the art...the simple black  cross under the floral...I'm in love with this room. Young and simple.

All of the above beautiful images are from sfgirlbybay blog.  She's amazing....

Below is a fave..from a blog 'bohemian vintage"
I think this bathroom is dreamy!..

Love it love it love it....especially the mirror...

from Coastal Living, photo by erica george and tria gloven

This ladder idea I found on    I love it.   It's difficult to give or sell my wooden ladders now....just paint and have extra shelving. And I 'm crazy about the color.

I've always been a sucker for this color of green. via inpsiredroom

I'm loving the numbers

Because I love all pottery white...this gives me an idea of paint colors...and what to put on the wall after the color.

If you're like me, lots of time on your hands...(is there anyone out there like that????)  anyway, go on over to's worth the view.

So far I havent' shown you a lot of  mid century 'stuff'...Maybe I'm not that crazy about it...but I think I am....examples:

from desire to inspire blog.

Below, a total fave of mine....LOVEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! inspiration comes from a lot of neautrals and black and white.  Interesting, but I knew that.  A splash of color here and there, but always character and whimsy!!!What do you think??????  I always enjoy your comments...have a great day!!!

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