Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and places I'll remember.

 Probably the last time I'll spend Thanksgiving in the home that my father built in the '80's; his pride and joy.  Dan, my brother in law is a chef for sure!  The feast that he lay before us was undoubtably the best! 
 My sister set the table with our great grandmother's Haviland china and embroideried table cloth.  The beauty of the setting was elegant!

Sherry is always fun hang with.

Bella in her glory!

Nick, my nephew, holding the gift for Sherry....

The next evening we had to have dinner at Gabatoni's.  It's a pizza place our father frequented. Because this could be the last time I visit the place where I was born, we had to go.  I mean, what's Thanksgiving weekend without pizza??? Gabatoni's has been around for over 30 years.  A little hole in the wall pizza place that is usually packed on weekends.

My sassy little neice Emily and her boyfriend Josh drove 18 hours to visit her momma, my little sister Debbie.

My pretty little sis Debbie.

In the waiting room at Gabatoni's my sexy husband said that he was comfortable being next to "Chuckie" (the clown in the glass box.) Every now and then 'chuckie' would light up and start

After pizza, we went to a place where a band called "Emerald Underground" was playing.  It was an awesome sound. Phil and I stayed until the band left.  We danced and totally had the best time ever....Indeed a wonderful memory!

As I become nostalgic and sentimental...I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our blessings are beyond good times and in bad times, there is something always to be grateful for.  See you next time!!!

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