Saturday, November 20, 2010

A peek into a life of inspiration and beauty

It's officially fall! A time for nesting, nostalgia, a time to sit back and slow down and maybe look into what we're really grateful for.  As for me, I'm so grateful for beauty, art, and inspiration that makes this less than perfect world more beautiful.  I find this in people and their spaces, their families, their lives.  Because those things are just a reflection of their souls.  My daughter's soul sister, Cynthia is a woman of art, beauty and inspiration. Everything she comes in contact with, she leaves and they are just a little more beautiful.  Her 'vibes' sort of rub off on everything she comes in contact with. You know that I believe behind every good man is a better woman?  Such is Ronnie, her great husband has a heart  as strong as his muscle...and that's pretty darn strong.  Her family is as unique and beautiful as she is....Sada, Lucia, Rocky and Ruby.  I have snapped a few of Ruby who is just as her picture portrays her.  I won't even attempt to attach  adjectives; I'll let you do that.

As I wrap up my words to let you see these views, I am listening to Patty Griffin singing "Heavenly Day" is sooo fitting for these creative peeks into Cythinia's world.  In the meantime...scroll down and enjoy this lovely woman's space.  Be inspired!  How could you not be????

Gold leaves in all their glory...Cynthia's back yard.

Only a few months ago this was the place of hot, summer fun.  The remains are seen here...another season, another time...another ending, another beginning.


Beautiful Cynthia

"Unless you become as child you won't even see the kingdom.........."

"in the mind of a child, you will learn how to see........" moody blues

Summer?  Just a memory now, until next year.............................


  1. Isn't it just awesome? I love the ones of Ruby. Cynthia's home is as warm as a summer day.

  2. Makes me super homesick to see these! Cynthia is amazing in every way and her house looks warm, unique, and beautiful.