Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time to say good-bye? And what about the holidays this year????

I am not a happy camper as of late.  I know that the holidays are just around the corner and my family is out west.  I have a beautiful home that my husband and I spent almost 20 years making our own.  We knocked out walls, added windows, enlarged rooms, added rooms, refinished floors, changed flooring, added granite etc etc etc...the list goes on.  I have so many good memories here, especially of the holidays. 

 I have a great kitchen where just last year there were pies baking in the oven and out on the patio my husband was cooking the turkey our traditional, family way; on the Weber.  The beautiful island was filled with great dishes of tasty, beautiful delights.

The dining table was set beautifully with  an antique lace table cloth. Christmas eve buffet was amazing. The table looked like a winter wonderland with candles twinkling, and the fire place lit.

Wrapping paper, presents, tired kids who couldn't get enough of Christmas Eve....these are memories my home holds for me.

Summers holidays and birthdays ususally found us out on our brick patio enjoying the weather (when the bugs weren't too thick) and cooking on the grill.  I love my back yard.

It's not that I don't want to move, it's actually the opposite.  I realize there is a new chapter in my life waiting to be opened.  I can't do that yet though.  Closing day so far as I see it, is set for December 30th. (Or as in the contract ...."or before")  I've let the "or before" go because it gave me too much false hope that I'd be spending Christmas with my kids and grandkids.

Even though there probably won't be another holiday celebrated in this beautiful old home of mine, I have resigned myself to let this home continue to love me until the new owner proudly unlocks the door and makes it his own.

This is the view from our front door.  Maybe soon, this will be our last.  I'll keep you posted. 

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