Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the anxiety of looking and waiting and some decorating tips thrown in..........

I have been looking at homes to buy. It's difficult because I feel I'm sort of a pain to my realtor.  I have looked at so many and there have been three that have 'called' to me.  By the time we were able to put in any offers, the homes were sold.  So it goes........In any case, there is a home that is in horrible shape inside, but the lot is amazing.  I am in love, totally in love.  It's the feel, it is something that is not visable that calls to me. Something irrational that I can't explain.  But I know it when I feel it.  I looked at this amazingly beautiful home today in our price range; pool and all, but guess what?  There is something I'm not sure about.  So do I or don't I?????

I can't wait to settle and start putting my lovely belongings into my new abode.  I love putting things together and creating what I love to create; personality. There is something that comes alive in me when I am able to have free range and go at it all out.  Here are some suggestions that seem to work in all styles:

1. Go organic.  Meaning; cotton, silk, linen, wool.  You can never go wrong with natural textiles. Curtains, area rugs, pillows are always richer when organic.

2. Go organic. Meaning; copper, iron, silver, wood, and anything found in the earth for furniture, chachkas, and wall decor. 

3. Color: If you wear the colors and you love them on your body, you will love them in your enviornment.  This is a rule that never lets me down.  It works.  One tip though, on your sofa, and other bigger pieces; unless you love a certain color (mine is red) and you're totally confident that you will never tire of it, then use it for the larger pieces.  Otherwise, stick with a neutral you love, something more subdued.  There are neutrals in everyone's taste range.  Huge bursts of color in your accessories, like pillows and drapes, add the right amount of fun and drama. 

4. Prints: My personal opinion; I shy away from major prints on larger pieces. However, I've been known to  go a little crazy when I add prints to smaller items or area rugs. 

5. Plants and flowers: I used to be dead against (no pun intended)  fake stuff in this department, but my viewss have changed. (Change is so inevitable.) I  found some great little plants at Ikea that look exactly like the real deal.  Also, I found some flowers at a fea market that are fake that honestly look real.  They add so much life and color.  I am a member of Costco and Sams mainly because of their great selection of live flowers.

6. Add funky:  Meaning ; add something whimsical that really makes you smile.  Me?  I love numbers and letters, old street signs, vintage game boards and wrought iron things that I can hang on the wall. Every adult has a child inside. Add that fun piece or object that you alone know about and let the world see it in your home.

7. What's your special 'thing'?  I love mirrors.  My sister has a fascination with clocks.  You may have a love affair with chairs, pillows, pottery, paintings, whatever.  Incorporate that into your space  and you will love being home. A good rule can be taken from that old bride's saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed something blue".  Well, the "something old, something new" part for sure, and maybe even the something blue will be a good rule for decorating. Let your heart speak to you when you see something.  You'll know, and you'll be happy you listened.

In this time of econmical "challenges" everyone deserves a beautiful space to come to, to settle down in.  Everyone deserves a place where they can sit, relax, look around their space, sigh and feel all is well, and life is beautiful.

I love all the organic elements in this room; the wood, the iron, baskets...thanks Restoration Hardware catalouge!

Whimsical baskets, lampshades and wreath...gotta love it.

Well, that's about it for now.  I can't wait to make my new home out west where the weather is warm and the people are happy.  For now, I'm looking.  See you later ,stay beautiful, happy and full of  joy for life.


  1. Great blog...great advice! You inspire me!
    Wish my fascination with clocks would help me with linear time!!! lol