Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas inspiration anyone??

Here are some wonderful visuals I found for you to put you into a 'Christmas decorating mood'.  Because my husand and I  may not even be in our home on Christmas, I can't post any pictures of my magical, beautiful and funky decorations that I love to open each year, they're all packed and ready to go to a new space.  In Christmases past I would go to the basement, bring up the boxes and unpack all of my tree ornament. It's like opening Christmas presents again and again; beautiful, shiney, delecate, and whimsical.  They bring me such joy!  HOWEVER, this year, unless there's a miracle (and for sure I'll let you know) that's just not going to happen.  (BUT I do believe in miracles. ) 

ANYWAY, I've collected some beautiful pictures from different places (which I've sited) and I hope you let them inspire you to make your space a beautiful, holiday getaway.

christmas interiors - living room

Love this room from

Restoration Hardware
LOVE this place~

Live Eucalyptus & Berry WreathPottery Barn Wreath

Live Christmas Gift Amaryllis

Live Magnolia Garland, 10'live magnolia garland from Pottery Barn

Modern French Country Kitchen Picture
Something magical happens in kitchens all over at Christmas time.  A room for creating edible treasures and home-made tastey gifts.  Christmas in the kitchen from

Santa, I want these in my stockings! please?????

The above three items are from Anthropologie

Gilt Frame Card HolderGift card holder from Pottery Barn

Charm Christmas Bedroom Decorations Ideas by Pottery Barn
Even the bedrooms deserve a touch of festive feeling. (pottery barn catalouge)

Classic Theme Christmas Bedroom Decorations Ideas by Pottery Barn

Am seriously in love with the peace sign ornaments.....available at Pottery Barn this year.

(the 4 pics above are from Pottery Barn) Beautiful inspirations to help put you in the spirit.

In about a week I'll let you know where I spend Christmas, the day we celebrate God sending Jesus to favorite! In the meantime, peace and love to all and to all a good night.


  1. I am totally inspired! Getting out my decorations this weeknend. I think I am going to turn my big wooden frame into a Christmas Card holder, love that idea; and I just saw magnolia wreaths at Safeway, that may be a splurge I wheels are spinning :)

  2. Yay!!! Magnolia Wreaths are sooooo beautiful? Safeway??? Wow..I bet they beat Pottery Barn's price. Happy decorating..wish I was there. Don't forget to put on your Christmas music.

  3. I have not done a thing with decorating, but I think you would be proud at the paint job we just did on the living room. I refinished a mirror too. I need to send you a picture. Will you send me your phone number on fb too. I need some advice via text. I can take it ;) Come stay with me and stage my home!!! I would loooooove that. Sometimes you just need another set of eyes, especially those of someone who I have always admired. your decorating taste and clothing were always tops for me. I have always wanted you to decorate a room for me. What'll it cost me?!? I promise most of my friends here voted for Obama...there are liberals in the South, so don't be scared ;)

  4. Just now saw your sorry, but I'll definately stage your house even if it's via pics or anything else. I love you!