Friday, December 3, 2010

Festive Holidays.....Hanukkah and Christmas in all styles....

I love Christmas and Hannukah most out of all holidays.  Posting ideas yesterday was so much fun.  It was almost like doing it myself in my own home...but if you've been reading my blog, you'll know I'm in the middle of a move and am not able to unpack my Christmas and Hanukkah treasures.  Why does that Frank Sinatra song, "I'll Be Home For Christmas" keep coming to my mind?????

Anyway, I found some absolutely beautiful ideas and inspirations.  Hope you find joy in your own home while decorating.

Abstract_christian : Spanish christmas decorations on a public building

Found this over on the "primpattern".  I love how pointly the boots are.

This is from a shop in Kirkwood, Missouri.  What I love most about this are the paper trees cut-outs which are cut and taped to the window.

As a little girl who grew up in the 50's and 60's my father would always comment at Christmas time, "Look at all the pretty Hanukkah bushes."  I loved that!

Breaking away from the traditional dark green and red, I love this pink and orange...This looks fresh and young.

I have some little fake plants I bought at Ikea which would really dress up similar to these to fit in a Christmas theme..

12 Festive Holiday Table Ideas

This is one of my most favorite decorations; Beautifully wrapped packages under the tree.  I love using plain brown paper whether it be from grocery sacks or brown kraft paper.  When I saw this image I had to post.  It's all about the ribbon isn't it?  And I LOVE the maps.  Using found items for gift wrap is the best most interesting idea for gift wrap!  Stenciling is also something fun you can do to plain paper. Making your own gift tags is also fun. I have skipped that and found some great home made tags over on ebay. 

I bought these from mayasmomma at ebay.  She tea stains these herself with a hint of rosemary in the scent. 

Below are from doymc on ebay.  I love them.

decorate gifts with things around the house   eco-friendly tips for beautiful gift wrap....I love this, especially the maps.

Below, a contemporary take on Christmas.  My grandmother used to have an aluminum tree (in the 60's) with the color wheel.  It was magical.  Recently I found one just like hers with a color wheel...$550.  I passed it up.

Marion Parsons made this holiday party favor and gift.  She put glued magnet strips on the back of the silver letters (inexpensive at craft stores, or make your own with durable cardboard, stencils and glitter.)  She placed them in a pinecone for a placard and vwalla!  A beautiful gift and elegant table setting. 

Designer Holly Mathis created this earthy, homey wreath. The key to making this wreath look full, use a base Christmas wreath and tuck in real greenery for freshness.

This look is what I never get bored with; simple white and green.

This is from Country Living magazine.

Hope you've enjoyed scrolling through.  Take care and hope you have a great day.

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