Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chalk Paint, New Colors and Ramblings

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with interior design.  I'm a little obsessed with style in general.  I guess it's because I really do love all things beautiful.  Anyway, so my new abode of almost two years now is a little difficult to deal with because I truly want to wack out the retaining wall that goes to the outside and add some footage onto my home.  It's driving me crazy.  I'll post pics later.  Another thing I've been thinking about is color.  You know how things go in and out of style?  Well, I do believe that greys and blues are going to become a new hit.  I have a home filled with browns, blacks, neutrals and a kick of red and lime green.

  So, what do I really like?  What do I really feel comfortable living with?  That is the question. I do know that I truly like the spanish type theme especially since I now live in the desert, in the west. I always did love that black wrought iron.

In the meantime, one word......chalk paint!  (Or is it two words??)  My daughter had an old Duncan Phyfe china cabinet with all sorts of nicks and scuffs.  She was turned on to Annie Sloan's miracle working chalk paint.  No, this is not "chalkboard" paint.  It's chalk paint. She bought a bright turquois and the wax to go with it and it is magnificent!!! I  mean, what a transformation! 



See what I mean??

I was looking at my sister's house because she sometimes asks my opinions. She has a chair that was our mother's chair.  It's pretty classic with caning and wood and upholstery.  However it's dated.  The wood is dark and heavy looking.  The blue velvet is actually a great color though, so I told her to chalk paint it. 

Can't you just picture it with a soft grey sheen?  Maybe the caning done in white?  I can, and I think it would be fantastic!!!

I found a pic on the web of a very similar chair brought up to date:

She also has my mother's old, off white, piano that I think she should chalkpaint.  Here are some examples of these types of piano's painted:

So, these few pics give you an idea of how to make a piano come alive again.

On to the next thought I've been having: color.  Are the browns, taupe's, blacks, reds and hints of lime green just plain out of style? Dated?  God help me if they are.  (Said sarcastically, but a bit of truth there!)    This is something I have to think about, ponder.  I am NOT a slave to trends, but at the same time, I believe and am convinced that a style changes is not just about all the companies in the decor business making money. I am convinced it's about art, dreams, representations of things engaging, all things harmonious.  It's just finding what that means to's very subjective!

I have always gravitated toward what some call 'shabby chic'. 

wood panel walls 8(via home and harmony blog)
(home and harmony blog)

There is a clean, fresh, homey look to the shabby chic style.  It's a style where you don't have to be careful of knicks and scratches.  Comfort is elegant and yes, green.  Instead of getting new, redo the old and cherished.

Okay, but on the other hand, I'm obviously loving clean lines, young look, still eclectic and whimsical .

Love the above!!! Picture via Blue Clear Sky Blog

So, you see, just me looking around trying to decide what sort of style I like, I always come back to this look.  Whites, browns, blacks.  That speaks volumes and you know the saying, "to thine own self be true."  I think if I were to incorporate all sorts of colors that are bright, young and fun, I believe it would make me a little crazy.  Maybe too much for my eye to take in, I don't know.  

Technicolor DecorFrom Color Me Lovely Blog

The above is absolutely beautiful!  No kidding! But making it happen for me?  Not so sure. 

Well, I've rambled on and on.  I indeed, am obsessed.  Maybe it's because what I really want is to knock that damn wall down, extend and brighten with a wall of french doors in my dining room.  Who knows.  If I finally get the nerve to start on this gigantic project and IF we finish it, I'll let you know...then. 

In the meantime...enjoy and be grateful.  And trust me, I am.  xoxoxo

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