Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Makeover at Sherry's

This is Sherry's living room.  Because she is budgeting, we couldn't just 'add' the dark hardwoods she wanted. But we did break the overwhelming expanse of blue and put an oriental over the carpet.  Before, the basket was not on the entertainment center.  We put it up there to add warmth and character. One of the main things we added to this room is our grandfather's (and we're pretty old) leasther chest that he used to travel with as a musician.  It is almost 100 years old and was just standing in her basement. In my opinion, it was a piece of history and art wasted.  Now, it's a coffee table that exudes charm and history.

Over the sofa is something I thought was sort of cool.  We took the wooden hangers out of Grandpa's old trunk and arranged them in a geometric way.  I love this!

Sherry's family room was also displaying an overabundance of blue carpeting.  Fortunately we had another oriental to add  here. Over the sofa in this room were family pics.  To add some whimsey, we put a carved, wooden "Love" sign.  It adds color, and in my opinion, a young, fresh look to old family photos. Above the mantel was a picture of Christ that meant a lot Dan.  It was really too small for above the fireplace so fortunately he let me put a most beautiful picture of Christ and mother that is an old piece Ashley, our niece gave him for Christmas last year.  Under that we put an architectural iron piece.  On the mantel itself are some beautiful pieces of pottery.

Dining room window and stained glass.  New curtains were added that add movement and a softer,  ethereal feeling.

In the hot tub room we added a crystal chandelier.  It really gives it the luxurious feeling that Sherry wanted.  It has sliding glass doors out to the patio.  We hung linen type curtains instead of the previous vertical blinds.

Wooden hangers about 100 years old.

No changes in the beautiful sunset...God is such an artist!

Love and peace to all.....

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