Saturday, December 4, 2010

Memories Are What Dreams Are Made Of.....Christmases Past

So, feeling a little nostalgic, I'm going through pictures of Christmases past.  I'm going to try again  posting my family memories.(I tried earlier today and after posting ALL the pics, I did something wrong and it all just disappeared, after an hour and a half of downloading!!!)

Dedicated to the deep loves of my life...the gifts God has given me....the riches of life in family....

I am so in love.  I never thought love could be like this...My first grand baby...and now my princess...My heart is full.

My girl will wear black and denim...Her Poppy bought her the outfit.

Sorry Aunt Sherry, you might have said my baby Shauna was yours, but this one is MINE!!

The boy in the middle is my nephew.  He was always extra special to me.  Still is!

My second daughter and her soul mate...finally...So happy for these two.

Always my beloved Sisters.

Princess Maya's first bit of 'real' food other than breast mile...Ice cream...thanks to Poppy...Enjoy my baby Maya.

My son Ian is seriously handsome...and so much like me.

Uncle Ian with Princess Maya Moo Moo

Okay, so I'm a drama queen.

That year I used all white paper for gift wrap..and of course different's all about the ribbon.

My angel dog, Lexy.

Ian is the best uncle ever.

Just overwhelmed!

Uncle Ian was super for remembering his Jewish roots and wanting to pass them on to his neice...

Amazingly handsome and talented!!!!!

We are fam i ly....I got all my sistahs and me.................

I love it that my kids have a bond!

My soulmate Phil....married for almost 35 years now.

Phil and I spent Christmas '08 in San Miguelle De Allende, Mexico...It was AWESOME...It spoiled me forever as far as cool weather at christmas.

2009 will be up next...this is to be continued...have a great one!


  1. I love the pic of Shauna and the white bear! And the last couple of you Peggy are beautiful.