Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is this really good bye????

So, we have another contract on our home.....after the last one fell through. (We waited 3 long months and then had to put it back on the market after our buyer's financing didn't go through..It's a real estate jungle out there.) We found out this morning that another buyer accepted our counter.  Now for the inspection and appraisal, which is a bit nerve wracking in itself!  ANyway, will this really be good-bye to our home of almost 20 years?  Just in case, I've taken pictures to remember exactly how it looked, up until the last few weeks.  We have a closing date of Feb. 15th or before. Soooo, we'll see.  Now we have to find a home in AZ.  I'm sooooooooooooo ready. 

Below is the entry...what you see when you first walk in.  I love it!

Below here is our beautiful old dining room table.  It was free...yeah, that's right, free.  We need to find a home that will suit our table..that is a must.

Another view of our great room.  We knocked out walls...added windows......This was to be our 'dream home'. 

We did soooo much to the kitchen since we've moved in.  I do love these cabinets although they may not be the most trendy of cabinets.  I stripped them and whitewashed them years ago. When we moved here they were painted white.  They are original to the home which was built in 1969.

Our half bath has also been turned over and over from the original.  We stripped wallpaper, added a new "old" vanity. The vanity was a library table from a church in KC. 

Our master....I love it.  We have collected solid wood six panel doors over the years and now our home has nothing but those.  Quality for sure.  

My pride and joy, the master bath. We 'borrowed' a closet from the bedroom behind the bathroom and enlarged the bathroom to fit a jet tub.  We used marble on the floors and around the tub and sink, real wainscotting from an older home in KC, MO and converted a 1940's buffet into our vanity.  I sit in the tub, glass of wine and perhaps a magazine, every now and then glancing up and admiring the chabby chic chandelier.  I'll miss this for sure!!!!

This used to be our daughter's room, but is now just another guest room.

This used to be a guest room but is now an office.

I love our blue glass entry lights.

This room used to be the dining room, but we opened everything up and now it's a sitting room off the kitchen. 

I looked and looked for lights like these and lo and behold they were at Lowes. Who'd a thought????

We tried to make perfect use of all space in our home.  So, these are the steps going to our basement. At the bottom of the steps is an office area with a door to the left that leads into another large room. We use the room as another guest room. Phil's mom loved staying here when she visited from Israel.  It has an on suite bathroom with the laundry at her desposal.  When she was here we added a small fridge in the office area in case she wanted a late night snack. 

And so it is......lots of memories here.  BUT, I'll be keeping you informed with pictures and comments about our new home, which we havent' found yet.  Wish us look and keep checking.  Love it that you read this! Peace to you all and to all a good night.


  1. And Angel Lexie following you into each room! ; > )
    The house looks fab, and I am certain another fabulous one full of love is awaiting you in Arizona!!

  2. Awww thanks. I noticed too how Lexy followed me into each room. How funny and sweet is that. Thanks for your comments!!!! And thanks for your encouragement on our new adventure. (hopefully soon!)

  3. ooops..spelled 'disposal' wrong.