Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Shutters, Rustic Pieces and the Life They Hold

It's starting to be a weeee bit cooler at night here in the desert.  Okay, maybe even during the day.  I was able to work outside in the yard this last weekend.  I finally got around to writing an entry in this blog too.  I'm on a role. 

I do want to continue because my home is my hobby.  Creating a space that is a treasure to me, a retreat, has always been important.  So, window treatments...yep, that's the next thing in my home I MUST change.  However, not so simple as a lot of the treatments that used to be available at the hardware store, or target or even k-mart, aren't available anymore.  I'm specifically referring to wooden shutters. 

However, I'm not so sure I'd like the brand new kind.  They look a bit too perfect for my taste.  Give me some great, weathered, vintage shutters and that would be exactly what I'm looking for.

See what I mean?  I go for this type of weathered look. I actually love rustic, weathered pieces.  I'm not sure why, but I'm thinking it has to do with history, and energy from the peices themselves.  I'm not trying to be too oooooey gooooey, but hey, I do think we leave pieces of our soul in "things".  I know that my home in KC loved me.  And because of that, I think I left gratitude in the walls of that place, and I think the new owner will sort of feel that.  

Anyway, I do love old, weathered things that look as if they have seen stories. The orange piece below just look like a happy old soul, don't you think? It was probably well loved,you know, like the Velveteen Rabbit.

The pic below just looks heavenly...my idea of a great outdoor space.

I totally ADORE this vanity; justaposed with the sleek, white bowls.....ahhhhhhhh, covet, covet, covet.  

Sooo, getting back to my original idea of vintage shutters as my window covering.  I'm on a mission.  I'll shop craigslist and other out of the way places to find the perfect shutters.  I'll let you know when I find them.

Until then, enjoy your space and make it a haven of rest.  Do it for you.  Love to you all........


  1. I think rustic pieces are as good as new ones, sometimes even better. I love the mysterious feel they exude. It’s actually easy to turn new shutters into weathered-looking ones. You can play with colors and peel off some parts. But if you want it fast and convenient, there’s always chalk paint in hardware stores! ;)

    Roxie ^.^

  2. You’re right, Roxie. The inexplicable charming appeal of vintage shutters is just so fascinating. Like all the rustic stuff, they never run out of style. In fact, with a creative execution, they can even look sophisticated.

    Sandra Ludwig

  3. I agree with the both of you! These vintage pieces really look lovely. The roughness of the design evokes an attitude that is so amiable look at. I think a vintage shutter or door with a rustic attitude will be a highlight in every design.

    Ronald Miller