Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Favorite Things

It's my %$ birthday and I have been thinking about all the wonderful things that we now have to help us keep ourselves healthy, fit and beautiful.  There are a list of things that I would not do without and I wanted to share them with you.  

Okay, I don't think I'll do this in order of importance...they are all of equal importance, so here goes:

Hair color: Whether it be from a salon or do it yourself. It's the greatest invention my opinion.

Speaking of hair, I can not do without my Terax Crema.  It's a conditioner from Italy that I buy on ebay.  When I quit using it because of the price, my husband noticed and said something.

Smashbox color correcting make up primer: I love this, it really works and I use it under a light foundation.

Eyelash curler: Seriously, if I am out of mascara, (usually never happens) or if I haven't applied it in a while, I curl.

Under eye concealer: I use Pixi pink concealer.  It sells at Target and I have tried most brands because I have and always have had, dark circles.  This is the best.

Eyebrow powder:   Really any brand is good as far as I can tell.  Let's face it, the older you get, you lose hair.  AND you lose it in your eyebrows.  I personally, think it makes women looked washed out.  I'm not saying draw those lines above your eyes, or making your eyebrows so black they look bizarre. And I certainly do not like tatooed eyebrows.  I have yet to see those tatoos look real.  But I am saying a light brush makes my brows look healthy and groomed. 

Which brings me to tweezers.  I will say the dreaded words;  "facial hair"....YUCK!  My mother did not warn me. It happened about 10 years ago and there ya have it.  Need I say more?  Tweezers...not just for facial hair, but brows.  (Thank God I do not need to wax!!!)

Lip gloss:  I love this stuff.  Again, I do not have a favorite brand yet.  However I do like the 'plumping' kind.  Living where I do, it gets more than dry.  I get the gloss with color because I look washed out if I don't use a bit of color on my lips. 

A good mascara:  I used to use the Cover Girl brand, waterproof, and still do on occasion, but there are others out there that are amazing.  I think the one that I liked best Dior's "Best In Show". 

Latisse:  I CAN live without this and have for over a year now, but it would be nice to use it all the time. This stuff makes your lashes grow like crazy.  I also used it on my brows and sure enough, I started growing new hair on my brows.  It costs around $125, so I haven't bought any for a while.  The trouble is, my first round with Latisse was a gift.  I was hooked.  I bought a second round at a discount.  Since we've moved I haven't been able to bring myself to pay the full price. 

Retin A:  My mother gave me hers when I was in my late '30's and have been using this for a long time.  I love it.  It slowly, slowly, slowly burns away the top layer of skin so new can grow in it's place.  It is amazing how it works.  It causes the skin to look glowing, and it eliminates crows feet and tiny lines.  At least that's what I think it has done for me.  I have now been using the generic version.  My pharmacist told me about the generic version when I found out the price of the name brand went up by about 100%.  Even this vain woman would not pay that kind of money.  Anway, I"m so glad he told me about the generic version; it's just as good!

Botox:  I know, for some this is controversial.  I have no idea why to be honest.  This is the best stuff.  It raises the brows, does away with lines and those deep, man like lines (they're called parenthesis) between the eyes,  they are GONE.  I love botox.  The more times you get it, the less you need after a while. 

Professional hair cut: I used to have friends 'trim' my hair.  That was a long time ago. Now, I just don't think I could go without.  Even when we were financially strapped and I had to eliminate some luxuries, I went to a hair "school".  It wasn't the best, but it was better than nothing and a fraction of the price. 

Working Out:  A routine exercise regime is a must for me.  I need this to feel strong and healthy, not to mention how it makes one look.  I also need to lift weights because osteoporosis runs in my family.  I had a bone density test about ten years ago and I was border line.  When I upped the weight routine, I went back to the doctor about two years later and I was fine. I wasn't border line any more.  

Sunscreen and moisturizers:  Living in the desert has been such a change for me.  I use olive oil to moisturize a lot of the time.  I use it all over my body, and on my feet I use Vaseline.  I have let up on the olive oil on my face,  but I do use Hope in a Jar. 

So, that's it.  At least that's all I can think of so far.  I have been thinking how I'd like to write a list of all my favorite things; things I would not like to live without. (Sort of like Oprah's list of favorite things.)   I finally did.  Hope you enjoy.  I would love to hear your fave's.  


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