Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Final Photo Good-Bye to My True Home, KC...The best city ever!

Sitting here curled under my cozy white fleece blanky with the silky trim, on my leather couch, looking out my very large windows all I see is snow, everywhere.  I don't think I've seen this much snow for years and years.  Our little white American Eskimo doggy, Lexy, went outside and the snow came up to her  chest.  It didn't stop her playing by buyrying her little black nose  in the snow, and then flipping it up to throw the wet, cold white stuff off...so cute.  But the snow is NOT cute..not in my timing.


Fortunately we're out of here in a couple of weeks, we hope.  My two sweet sisters are supposed to be travelling from the icelands of Illinois  the day after tomorrow to help me finish up packing, cleaning, and for one last, fun good bye!  They will also bring my three pieces of art  I just purchased on ebay for my new home in Phoenix.  If they don't bring them, I may have to give them up.  The shipping would be horrendous. I bought a rather large 'poster' (?) where on side only bears the words in red and black "reinvent yourself".  The next piece ,or pieces I should say, are letters.  One very large, vintage, red  "P". My brother in law, Dan, who was sooooo kind to pick it up a half hour from his house, said the letter probably measures almost three feet high and 18" wide.  Then there is a vintage, red "M" for my grand-daughter Maya.  It lights up!  The last thing I bought is a black metal sort of suit case...Hopefully they'll make it here and I'll be able to show you pics once I incorporate it all into my decor scheme.

In any case, even though I will not miss this extreme weather, KC is very beautiful in the winter when all is white and soft..here are some examples:

(david eulitt photo)

Kansas City is probably the most beautiful city I know. There is so much to do (when blizzard conditions aren't in effect) like Power and Light District, Plaza of course,  the West Bottoms is really becoming artsy with great antique and vintage shops, the City Market area , Crossroads with the great 'First Fridays',  Martini Corner and never leaving out the great 18th and Vine for amazing jazz, .  Here are a few picks of these great places and some misc pics that I'll truly miss:

Power and Light District

A pic of our daughter, her husband and of course her father and my soul mate/husband Phil at the Power and Light District right before a Dave Matthews concert...we doubled...Such fun!!!!!!!!

Another pic at the Power and Light District with my mother in law.

Power and Light District

the Plaza

Bottoms Up Antique Market, Kansas City

West Bottoms

City Market entrance

City Market bars and resturaunts

Crossroads on a First Friday's night...obviously, a summer night.  Nice!

Crossroads gallery

18th and Vine
18th and Vine

Below are just some random pics of my, what used to be, normal drive into work.  I really enjoyed seeing the city as I drove.
Starting out from the burbs.

One last pic...how could I ever forget the Royals???????????  Ladies Night Out at the "K"......geeeesh.....what fun! Especially with Casey, my little Lamb ;-)

So all you faithfuls who read this....my last photo good-bye to my favorite city.  Although I wasn't raised here, I've lived here for 20 years and it feels more like home to me than anywhere...so I call it MY home. 

Good-bye my beautiful Kansas City (and Burbs of course)  You have been the best to me...I'll miss this city!! BUT NOT THE WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. great blog! hope to see you this weekend!!

  2. Awesome blog. It brings back so many memories of the fun times we have had in Kansas City

  3. Thanks so much for your comments. KC is a beautiful city.