Sunday, October 31, 2010

More inspirations for sure

My boy Ian, in Israel. 
I'm so glad they're close.

My babies...I know, I know..they don't look like babies.   But just between you and me; they are!  They have style, class and all around good hearts.  They inspire the love to come alive in me.

My other half, through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, he's at me side forever more.  He can move stairs, lay marble, and repurpose the most beatuiful materials in a home which creates a space that would make an architect jealous.

It's Halloween night and after an exciting adventure playing the parts of Spiderman, Candy Corn Witch and Scooby Doo, (not to mention literally tons of too much candy) my sweet grand babies are in bed, zonked. Because of my love for all things beautiful, this goes beyond environment, but to the souls that have attributed to my inspiration.  Because I'm a visual person, I've posted their pics...enjoy and be inspired!
These guys give color to life.


  1. Great profile! Love the pics..looking forward to some decorating tips!

  2. Love Shauna's's so easy to work with. Thanks for the compliment!